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Smarter, Faster Claims Management

Empowering Claims Management With Advanced Fraud Detection & Prevention Tools.

Embrace the Future of Onboarding: Swift, Real-time and Effortless Authentication

Our real-time identity verification solutions ensure hassle-free and secure sign-ups, allowing you to focus on building meaningful relationships with your customers from the very start.

Say goodbye to cumbersome onboarding processes and embrace the future of user authentication with Peslac.

AI powered Claim Management

Smart Anomaly Detection

Our algorithm learns from vast amounts of data to detect unusual patterns and anomalies, it will instantly alert your team to potential fraudulent claim attempts.

AI-Driven Risk Assessment

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, we conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify high-risk policies and potential fraudulent claims.

Data Correlation

By cross-referencing data from multiple sources, including government databases and historical claims, we uncover hidden connections and detect potentially fraudulent activities.

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Effortless Policy Management, Seamless Claims Processing

API First

Our API-first approach is at the core of Peslac’s strategy, ensuring that our platform seamlessly integrates with existing systems and enables effortless data exchange.


For companies without an existing system to embed insurance solutions, our intuitive dashboard serves as a powerful tool to initiate and manage their insurance offerings.

Simplified Claims Management

Our approach empowers insurers to handle claims with precision, detect potential fraud, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

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Your Gateway to Cutting-Edge Solutions

Advanced Technology and User-Centric Approach, Redefining the Way You Safeguard Your Assets and Ensure Financial Security.

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Ready to Revolutionize Your Insurance Experience?

Join Peslac Today and Experience Seamless, Secure, and Personalized Insurance Solutions.

  • Seamless Insurance Solutions

  • State-of-the-art Fraud Detection

  • Personalized Coverage

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Blog Insights and Perspectives

Stay Informed with Our Latest Articles, In-Depth Analysis, and Expert Opinions on the Insurance Industry’s Transformation and Innovation

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Your All-in-One Insurance Management Solution. Simplified Onboarding, Real-time Verifications, and Smart Fraud Detection for a Seamless Insurance Experience.

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